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Fine Art

Fine Art

At the heart of Schietti’s practices is his work as an artist. The series here presented go from surreal and symbolic finely crafted photos visiting the realms of dreams, meditation, and self-exploration, to direct witnesses of the natural world.

All images of the Fine Art section are for sale as limited prints and delivered worldwide by one of the following options: 1) Local fine art printing + certificate by mail (no delivery costs) OR 2) Signed print sent from Barcelona, Spain (delivery costs apply).

Extended Moments , Fine Art

Extended Moments

Fine Art , Impermanent Sculptures

Impermanent Sculptures

Fine Art , Sublime Nature

Sublime Nature

Fine Art , Transitory


Fine Art , Thought Forms

Thought Forms

Animal Wisdom , Fine Art

Animal Wisdom

Fine Art , Silence


Fine Art , Self Polarities

Self Polarities

Fine Art , From the Unreal to the Real

From the Unreal to the Real