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Extended Moments

Extended Moments is an ongoing project born from the desire to photograph cityscapes in a refreshing, multisided way. A decade after my first explorations in a foreign city as a photographer, in Montreal, the standard way of portraying places and people that crossed my path no longer satisfied me. I was interested in capturing the essence of the urban scenario without relying so much on a specific perspective, but rather on a collection of them, like a puzzle that slowly reveals its final figure. That’s when, in 2016, I started experimenting with multiple exposures in-camera. It was a natural path to take coming from long-term research on ways to visually represent the concept of what is memory and the creation of identity.
I take underexposed photographs to produce a final composition that is adequately exposed. Most result from five frames overlapped, although sometimes I stopped the process on the third photograph. There’s no post-edition other than contrast and color adjustments.
As siblings, one to the other, the accumulation of these moments composes a testimony of a condensed perception of time and space. Traditional tiles of Porto, cranes over the modern opera of Oslo, the iconic Berlin tower, and other representative features of each city visited create kaleidoscopic urban portraits.