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Impermanent Sculptures

Life manifests itself in uncountable ways. Our perception of it, however, is rather limited. But what if we could expand our look towards the pulsating life? What if we could see threads of energy emerging from the natural world? Capturing life’s impermanency and its pulsating energy are at the core of this project. It relates to something prior to life itself, rather an impulse, a primordial force, one that penetrates and emanates from everything, living and seemingly non-living beings. It illustrates an invisible force that will endure even after we return to dust.
The series is the result of several years of research on long-exposure photography. While some are acquired in one single exposure, most are composed by the process of overlaying bits of light paintings from several pictures. Apart from making use of digital masking and color and contrast adjustments, the result is conceived from real action with fireworks, a performance that shifts between spontaneity and control.