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Thought Forms

Restive, multiple, serene, scatterbrained, focused, self-centered, collegial... homesickness, a lament, intense joy, a good idea, love between a couple, a meditation... which forms would thoughts take up if they were made of visible matter?

In an imaginative exercise, I explore abstract shapes in watercolor and ink that are scanned and then layered onto photographs of celestial landscapes.

We direct our gaze upward in the hopes of reaching for our flights of fancy. The essence of thought is universal, regardless of the language that informed it. It is transmitted among different nations and different species of beings, in a great network invisible to the physical eye.

In this scenario, the series Thought Forms proposes a reflection about the quality of our thoughts, their strength and weight in our daily lives. The observer is invited to create and imagine which forms they would be producing themselves, thus guiding the influence of their own ideas upon the collective thought.